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Traditional Costumes

I will sew any number of parts for a traditional costume, including leather casquettes, traditional fur coats and more. I can also make adjustments to your current costume. Please note that these items are preorder only.

I can gladly help you find sewing patterns.

For more information and pricing please contact me!

Costume parts

The casquettes are sewn using vegetable tanned leather (pictures 1-4). The original casquette can be seen at Gävle Museum in Gävle, Gästrikland, Sweden. Remaining pictures display various examples of parts from the "Ovansjö" costume.

Leather casquette 2400 SEK, other products require consulting


I sell a special dancing shoe developed by me and SkråmträskSkon. The shoes go great with traditional costumes also if you do not wear it for folk dancing.
Shoe flaps for hiding the laces are available.

There is a separate page for the dancing shoes here.