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Sheep fur

All products are sewn by hand. If you sew yourself I also provide whole hides and sewing accessories.
You should view the pictures as examples of what I have created in the past and use them as inspiration to find out how you want your example to look and feel.


This is only a very small selection of the hides I have for sale. If you are looking for something specific, even other than sheep hides, I will do my best to help you.

natural from SEK 1300
colored from SEK 700

Teddy bears

The teddy bears have joints in the arms and legs and are stuffed with washed and combed woll. Comes in the colour and fur structure of your preference.

Nalle25 cm675
30 cm925
50 cm2775
70 cm4600


All kushchins have an inner pillow filled with feathers. Comes in any size you wish, normally 40cm x 40cm (aprox. 16" x 16").

Price: from SEK 800

Hats, gloves and fur boas

Completely in your desired design and fashion.

from SEK
Hatsvarious designs800
Fur boaany length45 SEK/10cm


Baby slippers (pictures 1, 2, 3) come in sizes up to size EUR 20 (US size 4). The remaining models come in any size.

from SEK
EUR 20-29400
EUR 30-39500
EUR 40-45550
EUR 46-600

Vests and jackets

A fur vest is both warm an comfortable. Together we will choose the design, color and fur to make a vest that suits You!
Here are some examples:

Wollen yarn

Soft and naturally brown colored. Made from the woll of the farm sheep. Available as single thread or double thread.