Sheepskin and notions

A warm sheepskin is equally great for cozy times on the living room couch and cold evenings on the patio. The hides are from my own and other Swedish sheep and are prepared in Sweden. I have a large and varied stock of undyed, dyed, curly, straight, short and long fur.

To place an order or ask any questions, contact me.


Below is a selection of the notions I offer for sheepskin sewing.

Tråd för handsömnad, svart, vit, grå, brun, blå, röd och grön, 70 kr st.

Pälskniv för enkel utskärnig av delar i pälsskinn, 380 kr st.

Blad till pälskniv 5 fp om 2 blad, 20 kr.

Cutting needles of great quality, nr 5 and nr 7, 10 kr a piece.

sybehör fårskinn