Teddy bears

A teddy bear made from sheepskin is a great gift to give a child. My teddy bears have joints in their arms and legs and are stuffed with washed and combed wool. Sewn to order in your preferred fur and color. The images show some examples, you can also have other colors.


The teddy bears are sewn to order and delivery times vary, especially before Christmas.
Se därför till att beställa din nalle i god tid. Nallar i grått pälsskinn är något dyrare på grund av högre materialkostnad.

25 cm (10")

850 kr
grå 900 kr

30 cm (12")

1 350 kr
grå 1 500 kr

brun fårskinnsnalle

50 cm (20")

4 050 kr
grå 4 500 kr

vit fårskinnsnalle

70 cm (28")

6 750 kr
grå 7 500 kr

Would you like another animal than a teddy bear? Get in touch!

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